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Afribiz, as well as Conceptualee and Globalbizconcierge, are entities that develop and support sustainable ventures, communities, and economies around the world. There are a variety of opportunities with us, both internal and external. Conceptualee’s geographic region is North America. Afribiz’s reach is Africa and the African Diaspora. Globalbizconcierge covers the rest of the world. These entities are mirrors of each other. If you haven’t already, you should review background information on us. Since Africa is our first region, the information is focused on that region but is reflective of our global entities. If you are interested in just the commercial aspect of what we do, please check out the following resources.

We look forward to working with you in the near future. You are entering this path as a potential external affiliate or as an internal staff member/leader. The process for both is generally the same, but is dependent on your anticipated role. .We currently have five key roles – Liaison (external), Venture Cultivation™ Coach (external), Associate Apprentice (path to full Associate), Project Manager, and Senior Executives. These roles will have a variety of responsibilities, depending on assignment(s). Overall, you will fulfill your role in your locale with an eye for local, regional, and global opportunities. We accept candidates for these opportunities at anytime. Other openings occur on an as needed basis.

Our corporate DNA “cultivates entrepreneurs not employees.” You will find that many of our processes and methodologies are different than normal corporate environments because of this. We look for those both internally and externally who have a passion for people, excellence, and creativity/innovation, as well as those willing to take risks and can operate in the turbulent, but exciting business environment of today.

With the available roles, there is an onboarding process that you will need to complete before being considered for any specific assignment or position. You can start the onboarding process immediately and can at any point submit the following form when ready. To submit the form, you will need to provide an updated curriculum vitae or resume, as well as three references – two business and one personal.

If you have any questions, contact us.

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